During a symposium at Artspace in 2013, ‘You’re one of the reasons I make art’ was inscribed in the notebook of one collaborator by the other. Two years later, while sharing a studio at Parramatta Artist Studios, these words were again shared between us on a small hand-made glittered note. These words evolved in 2016 into a note of gratitude sent out to the people and places that play a meaningful role in our practice.

The mail-out has addressed pivotal people, places and moments in our collaborative practice—peers, teachers, mentors, galleries we have exhibited at or frequented together, artists whom we have discussed at length. The process of compiling our list was recorded through the documentation of each hand-written envelope. These envelopes tell a story of our process: the time spent in-conversation, car-pooling from the western suburbs, studying at SCA, working at MOP Projects, meeting artists, visiting exhibitions. The work has not been exhibited, but exists in this postal gesture and the moments following.

The documentation of this project has become a record of our collaborative practice and the relationships within which we work.



Pins commissioned by Parramatta Artist Studios for PAS 10 Year Anniversary 2016 #proudmum