Painting Takes a Walk 2011

Roving performance work, Sydney, 2011

Excerpt from RAYGUN LAB, 5 September 2013:

Correspondence between the artists 1 September 2011

(Of course we didn’t quite meet our timeline after accidentally driving over the Harbour Bridge)

Hi hun, so I can’t get on the computer to email in the library so facebook is all I have. I thought we could say something like:


Hi All,

Hayley and I were hoping you would be able to give us a hand documenting our work WALL PAINTING WITH WHITE PAINTING on Wednesday the 8th of September.


We have the following roles to fill:



Truck driver

Car driver / Scout

Roadie x3


We are hoping with your help to pull off the following:

9.45am Leave SCA and head to the MCA (we will pick up the truck and pack it before then).

10.15am Arrive MCA. Unload. Photo in front of the MCA construction fence and facing the other way with the harbour.

11.15am Pack truck and depart for AGNSW.

11.40am Arrive. Unpack. Photo out front, along wall (if still in place) in domain and botanical gardens.

12.30pm Pack up and depart for Artspace.

12.45pm Lunch at Michael Goldbergs work at Artspace.

1.15pm Unpack truck, photo at Artspace and Harry’s cafe, possibly also one crossing the road.

2.15pm Pack up.

2.30pm Depart.

2.45pm Arrive Sarah Cottier/Roslyn Oxsley or the like depending on time.

4pm All packed up and headed back to SCA.

A huge thank you to our amazing crew who helped us take the painting on a walk: Katie Williams, Markela Panegyres, Richard Kean and Douglas Kean. All video footage was shot by Markela Panegyres and photographs by Hayley Megan French. You can see a few of these beautiful people in our promo video Painting Takes A Walk.

Painting Takes a Walk began as a site-specific installation: Wall Painting (with White Painting) at Articulate Project Space in 2011. When we de-installed the wall from the gallery, we transported and documented the wall in specific locations across Sydney. This was initially an attempt to document the physical object beyond the space it was created for. The work took on a new role as a performance piece as we maneuvered the wall around key locations with a large truck and an awesome crew. We documented each location as a temporary exhibition, captured in a still image. 12 of these images were exhibited as Wall Painting: The Exhibitions at Raygun Contemporary in Toowoomba, 6 September - 2 October 2013, alongside a remnant of the original wall, a series of 400 postcards and 2 video works.

The initial site-specific wall painting, installed in Articulate Project Space, marks the beginning of our collaborative projects. Documentation of this exhibition, New Works and Collaborations, 6 - 21 August 2011 can be found here. This work evolved through multiple stages in response to a consideration of place. This has become a characteristic progression throughout our projects to follow.