Here we are | We are here, Locale Festival 2018

Here we are | We are here

Locale Festival, 16 - 25 March 2018, commissioned by Cumberland Council


Here we are | We are here
Hayley Megan French & Carla Liesch

We recognise that Cumberland Council is in a time of great change, rebranding and community building. As local artists, we desire to participate in place-making strategies to identify, map and build local stories and communities. As part of the Locale Festival 2018, we have created a series of hand-painted A-frame signs weaving throughout the festival, engaging with events, places and identifying and celebrating the future multi-purpose Granville Art and Community Centre. The signs draw their inspiration from a bygone era in Auburn, reconsidered in-line with the rebranding of Cumberland Council, marking time, in place.

These words are a meditation on place and community. They do not name places, but rather speak to a community that exists in the present and where we want to be in the future. This work builds on the way-finding, place-marking ideas of YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASONS I MAKE ART created for Parramatta Lanes Festival in 2016.