FLAGspace 2018

You make me the kind of artist I want to be but can’t be without you

FLAGspace, AIRspace Projects, 3 August - 18 August, 2018

Photo by Ellen Dahl

During a symposium at Artspace, Sydney in 2013, ‘You’re one of the reasons I make art’ was inscribed in the notebook of one collaborator by the other. These words evolved into a note of gratitude mailed out to the people and places that have played a meaningful role in our practice. This is a practice that has developed from conversations of our different approaches to painting, over many years of car-pooling. Questioning our own desire to collaborate, and the places we choose to make work, continues to push us further into public spaces—to think about, and talk about why and where we make art, who and what our influences are.

In April 2014 we curated the inaugural exhibition at AIRspace Projects in partnership with MOP Projects. This opportunity was formative in our collaborative practice and we are honoured now to be part of the launch of FLAGspace in August 2018. Our flag has grown out of a series of street flags that spoke to our local community, and will share words of celebration—celebration of the collaboration and bravery that is at the heart of artist-run-spaces and communities.

You make me the kind of artist I want to be but can’t be without you.