Favour Economy Volume II 2017

Favour Economy Volume II

In the first half of 2017 we were very pleased to participate in the second volume of Favour Economy, an audio favour project created by Claire Field and Bronwyn Treacy. Our audio favour comes from a work we are currently developing which considers and celebrates our collaborative relationship and the importance of our community. Listening to and participating in favours that engage with this community has encouraged and supported us infinitely.

Volumes I and II were launched at AirSpace Projects in June 2017.

See http://www.favoureconomy.com/ for more information about the project and to get involved!


From the Favour Economy website:

FavourEconomy is a collection of audio recordings shared by women who work in the arts. The project operates as a platform for contributors to share their experience, insights and skills by recording an audio file and sharing it to the archive. The archive comprises of a series of volumes that develop over a one-year period coinciding with the financial year. 

The recordings shared to FavourEconomy have been termed ‘favours’ because they have been produced with the intention of being of benefit for other women working in the arts to hear. Furthermore, the word ‘favour’ encapsulates a social gesture of ‘sharing something’ without defining exactly what that something might be.

FavourEconomy operates as an audio gift economy, whereby each contributor has determined the content and value of their recording set in accordance with their own experience and is received by the listener according to their current situation and need. The audio favours concurrently give value and power to the female voice, which is too often silenced.